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Results of using Kesh kanti hair oil

Kesh Kanti Hair Oil

It is our pleasure to present you with one of our faithful customers who has had the courtesy to send his photo before and after the use of Patanjali Kesh Kanti Hair Oil. Mr Gary Smith from Newcastle is working a full time job from  09 to 06 Monday to Friday. He received his alumni from Newcastle University back in 2005 ever since life has become a race. Heavy working hours did have its toll on Gary but he made sure to take every care of his body whenever possible. Visiting high ends stores and buying the most expensive shampoos from the shelf's made Gary think he was doing the right thing. What Gary did not notice is that the shampoos which he though were best were actually ruining his hair. Gary met his university ex- girlfriend after 12 years back in September 2016 who asked what happened to his hair, why did he become bald. These words were not to degrade him but a curious word. This made Gary quite nervous for a long time, including insomnia, Restlessness, worrying, irritated. He could not even work properly since the thought of becoming bald constantly tortured Gary. Finally he saw a ray of light in the dark room, his ex refereed Gary to use Kesh Kanti hair oil which is brought from taraherbal. Gary told us he remember the first night when he applied the oil making it first hot in the microwave and his girlfriend pour it on his hair then a little massage and he slept like a baby the whole night. Ever since Gary has grown his hair back in 6 months and is very happy he has got his life back on track. Did you know that Kesh Kanti Hair Oil has 21 different natural ingredients which are specially selected from the Himalayan plains. Don't wait any more go ahead and give it a try to test it yourself. 



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