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Why Should You Wash Your Face Before Bed

“I wash my face in the morning and get fresh then why should i wash before bed”. If you think that way then yes you are wrong. Now you must be thinking why is it wrong. Let us explain this. When you wake up, you are all the way sleepy and wash your face with cold water to wake up right? Rightttt. When we come back home we are really very tired from our day’s work. We have been to places and places worked and worked, touched things that we might not even remember.

According to Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh  a french cosmetic doctor from Paris University, a warm water wash gives us the best sleep you could possibly imagine. Not only sleep but it opens the pores where bacteria colonies are thriving and get them out of there. It might sound bizarre but these bacteria slowly help the aging process to work more faster too. Here lets demystify the facts for ” Why Should You Wash Your Face Before Bed”.


  • Removes make up which you have been tapping on your skin. Washing the face also remove dirt which has accumulated during the whole day. The skin has natural oil which protects the face from any foreign particles. Since make up drys the oil, the bacteria dust and other particles stick to the makeup and stay there.
  • Using Natural face wash is a priority, these work well since they leave the  skin dry and flaky, which leads to a rough skin and much older looking skin. Try Patanjali Face wash for a softer fresher younger skin.
  • When you wash your face with warm water and a natural face wash at night, it gives best results with using a moisturizing cream or if you prefer anti aging cream.  Make sure skin has absorbed the entire moisturizing cream, this is because the skin needs oxygen to repair itself for anti-aging to work at its best.
  • Avoiding the face wash or moisturizing cream is a bad idea or just pure laziness. Think what happens when you sleep and your face rubs against your duvet , pillows and bed sheets.
  • One benefit that if you are a lazy waker you can rush for work without washing face in the morning , but don’t make that your excuse because washing the face in the morning must also be in your daily routine

so from now include these tips and you will definitely fell the positive change you have developed.

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