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Skin Care and Six essential vitamins for your facial skin

Skin Care


The condition of the skin changes with the processes aging in the body. But quality nutrition and vitamins are the sources of youth and beauty. Which vitamins are most effective in the beauty of the complexion?

Vitamin A – for elasticity and skin control

Vitamin A is the key for healthy look. If the body has a deficiency in vitamin A, the skin may peel, look dry and with red spots, and hair and nail health will endure too. When choosing beauty products, it is worth exploring their composition – those products that contain vitamin A  which also help control the formation of squabbles and reduce wrinkles.

Vitamin B Complex – for youth and against hair loss

B vitamin complex – B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B10 – contains different nutrients and biotin, which is the basis not only for the skin, but also for the beauty of the nails and hair. It prevents skin aging processes and improves skin color. All vitamins of this group promote skin hydration and protect it from the effects of the external environment.

Vitamin C – with collagen effect

This important vitamin not only helps to maintain the beauty of the skin, but also promotes the formation of collagen fibers, which inhibit the aging process. Vitamin C also accelerates the process of wound healing and prevents bruising, which is why it is the most effective vitamin for beautiful skin around the eyes.

Vitamin D is an anti-aging

During prolonged exposure to the sun, we get too much UVA and UVB radiation which, on the contrary, is detrimental to the health of the skin. However, given the fact that our latitudinal levels have a significant solar deficit, virtually every human being should be supplemented with fish oil, which is a great source of vitamin D.

Vitamin E for reducing scars

Vitamin E provides a youthful look, helps to moisturize and protect from harmful ultraviolet rays. It also helps rejuvenate ,  so using vitamin E oil externally helps reduce scar tissue and softens solid and dry skin.

Vitamin K against dark circles

Vitamin K best helps to reduce bruising and dark circles under the eyes. It is found in various lotions and creams, which is also aimed at helping to reduce skin tone inequalities and wrinkles.

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