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How to Grow Hair Faster

How to Grow Hair Faster

These are tired tested and results obtained method on How to Grow Hair Faster, by Physicians Nutritionist and many folks who have helped thousands across the globe to revitalized hair. You could have lost hair because of the following reasons:

Physical Stress


Medicine side effects



Excess Vitamin A

Emotional Stress


Using Hair Colour

Drug Abuse

Polycystic ovary syndrome


Alopecia Areata

Over Active thyroid Gland

Vitamin B Deficiency

Iron Deficiency

Family History

Hormone imbalance

Lack of Protein

Or any other reason :

How to Grow Hair Faster

Follow these simple Tips below on How to Grow Hair Faster and you will be on the highway to hair:

. Eat lots of fruits and Vegges at least 5 per day,  if you are lazy then have multi-vitamins.

. Avoid using any Hair color, be patient.

. Exercise, Again if your lazy then you can atleast do Kapalbhati

. Brush your bottom of hair which is to start to first brushing the tangled tips of hair the go for the middle and finally the whole length.

. Apply warm Mustard Oil and leave for atleast 2 hours.

. Massage the scalp using you nails, this technique is great for fast result

. Dont use worn out hair bands.

. Start using Natural Herbal Shampoo

. Apply conditioner then wash hair with cold water

. Trim the tips of your hair

. Use Herbal Oils before brushing hair

. Let your hair dry naturally. Only tap dry your hair, avoid tieing hair with towel

. Try and avoid hair straighter or curlers.

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