Body Mist

Discover the lovely fragrances of fruits and flowers from our body mist, fragrance collection. Buy a mist today for a light daily-use to have a perfume boost. Unleash a mouth-watering cocktail of exotic, plump flavours. Punchy, fruity fragrance will leave you smelling good enough to eat. The luscious and sexy fragrance opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floralcy. Passionately spun in. Feel refreshed with a few spritzes of a fragrant mist from this collection of fruity and floral body sprays at Taraherbal. A wonderfully light way to wear your favourite fragrance, a delicate body mist is perfect for applying throughout the day to intensify the scent as you wish. Brighten your mood with a fruity mist from the collection . Body sprays, or choose a seductive mist as your new go-to light fragrance. Select a scent suitable for evenings that will linger long into the night. Embrace the elegant mists in this selection for a burst of energizing aroma that is perfect for everyday wear!

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